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Design and manufacture of machines for the wire and cable industry
Under license ELMECC, Italy

About us



 Wire & Cable Manufacturing Systems



IRAN TECHNIC MACHINERY INDUSTRIES, was established on 1978, by its founder Mr M.H Hadian  and his colleagues.

It is the first industrial group to provide engineering, designing, and manufacturing of full collection of machinery for  making of wires & cables   in Iran.

We improved our production lines, along with national  economic growth  which enabled us to offer variety models of  equipment and  accessories upon to the client’s needs.

By accumulating experiences of more than three decades and implementation of the  advanced technology, we  succeed to manufacturing of most  models machinery of the wire and cable and in  cooperation with   ELMECC-WTS, the Italian company, which could  challenge to famous brands.

In addition of our local customers, which contain of 90% of wire & cable factories in Iran, We have succeeded to export our machines to Azerbaijan and Tajikistan and so on.

Having reasonable price, high quality and heavy duty of our products,  punctual delivery and  satisfying customer care service, are our great advantages.

Others services:

–           Studding and planning  of workshops (for wire &cable manufacturing

–           Installation, running and commissioning for  related machinery.

–           Upgrading and renewing  production lines (both mechanical and electrical).

–           Consulting services for production process and machines.

–           Training  operators team for  production lines for repairing and servicing.

–           Supplying  spare parts .

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.

Commercial department and contracts:

 Mehdi Sabbagh poor