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Design and manufacture of machines for the wire and cable industry
Under license ELMECC, Italy

(Extruding Machine(new generation

New generation

This is the newest generation of extruding machine, Made in IRANTECHNIC , challenging to the famed brands in the world , it is friendly use and soft operation ,equipped with latest features such as , high output rate , low energy consumption up to 60%, low noise, heavy duty ,and consistent performance for wire & cable’s production lines.

Machine features :

  • More than 60% of energy saving.
  • European main parts;screw barrel,
  • coupled pack of  gear box  motor .
  • Low noise and soft working.
  • Easy and friendly operation.
  • Dual screws with easy replaceable feature
  • performance to work for ,light and heavy material ( PVC, PE, XLPE ,HFFR, PP, PPR and ABS.)
  • More than Twice time outlet production.
  • PLC control system from Siemens and display monitor . 
  • complete accessories for feeding ,metering of the material and production.
  • frame steel made of first grade sheet.
  • permanent three layer color.

*Range of production :from 90 to 150mm.

*capacity of production: 6 set per year.

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